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Our Philosophy

At Lokahi Candles, our philosophy is rooted in a deep commitment to both nature and well-being. We believe in the power of simplicity and sustainability. 

Our eco-friendly, natural candles are carefully hand poured in Berkshire using only the purest, sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring a clean and healthy ambiance for your home. Our wax is a blend of coconut and rapeseed and are completely plant based. Our candles are also completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives. The crackling wooden wicks turn every moment into a cozy, fireside experience.

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, from the fully recyclable packaging materials to our minimal waste production process. Our candles are designed to create an inviting atmosphere that not only soothes the soul but also respects our planet. 

Each scent in our collections holds a special sentiment, a special place in our hearts.  We invite you to embark on a sensory voyage with us in illuminating your space, where every candle tells a story. 

The Classics collection showcases a selection of our all-time bestsellers. For those seeking a touch of seasonal charm, our Cosy Collection offers a limited edition range of candles that capture the spirit of the moment.